A Look Inside

One of the things I love about history is being able to read it, I mean really read it. I own an ever expanding collection of vintage books and magazines and were ever possible they were either printed in Australia or directly imported for sale in Australia and heavily effected our culture.

When and if possible I scan and share parts of this collection or at least the cover and info about the book, as it is not always safe to fully open some of my collection. On this page you will be able to click the name of an item and be taken to the related post.

Should you be after more info about anything you see please feel free to email me at j.l.boniface @ live.com.au (no spaces)

Happy reading!

Companion Grade 3 reader

New Australian Cookery
Australian Cookery of Today

Shoe Harmony for Spring 1951
Australian Women
Winter Fahions1958

Building/ DIY
1980's Flooring Cataloge
Homemaker and Handyman - July 1955
Homemaker & Hamdyman - June 1956
Home Decorator
Autralian Women's Complete Household Guide
Practical Householder July 1959

Australian Home Beautiful
March 1943

March 1960
April 1967 - Part 1

Australian House & Garden
March 1966

Australian Home Journal

December 1949

April 1951

June 1954
November 1954

February 1955
August 1955

January 1956

July 1957

May 1959
September 1959
October 1959

February 1962
August 1962
November 1962

September 1963