Thursday, March 2, 2017

Black & White Tutu

The first tutu I have made from scratch!
I had offered to have ago at making a tutu for sometime but was only taken up on the offer last year. To say it was a challenge would be correct but one I enjoyed almost all the time.

There were moments were I had to put it down and walk away and then the nerves moments while watch the young lady have it approved by her teacher, while doing the dress rehearsal.

After much research and web surfing I settled on Valorose Tuts & Textiles as my preferred go to for supplies. There are also one or two local store I can get bits from but not everything and even they told me I should look online for what I needed.

I was very luck and at one of the local stores one of the ladies behind the counter has a daughter that used to sew for The Australian Ballet, if I remember correctly. She was so helpful and I had to go back and thank her.

Some details, the tutu was made with 9 layers and was a pure white netting, I used a dance satin fabric for the outside and lined it with a soft natural fiber. This was a 50/50 machine/hand stitch outfit. The little flower on the skirt were 3 little bits cut from the lace and shaped, then hand sewn in place with a bead and sequin in the middle.

All photos are from my phone camera so I am sorry they are not the best.

The mother and daughter were both very happy with the finished tutu and she looked lovely on stage.
Sorry we were not able to photos while they were on stage and I forgot to get one when she was all done up.
Maybe I will get one later and post it.

Thank you for reading, please feel free to comment, ask questions or follow along my creative journey.

Hope your creative journey is going well!

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