Sunday, February 19, 2017

Journey Cosplay

Before I even start I would like to thank the owner to the blog Last Night I drew a funny man, as I used there tutorial to make this outfit. Journey made by That Game Company.

This is outfit was made for Magneticon 2016, Townsville, Australia.

We are not too sure how many people there knew who our daughter was dressed as but she had fun any way.

Even tho I kept the fabric as light as possible it was still a hot outfit for our climate. Her biggest complaint was when she wore the head peace for more then half an hour, and this was mostly put on for photos and the cosplay contest.

While I did all the sewing she did make the mask herself and help with cutting out the fabric, placement of fabric and ironing. Ya for team work!

We have also started work to a second smaller outfit for the youngest child and a White Journey outfit, this is for myself however it could also end up being for my mother. She is a big child at heart and has really enjoyed helping the children with there outfits and comes to events with us when she can.
We have dubbed her Granny Giggles as a gaming name.

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