Sunday, February 15, 2015

Baby Hat, Simplicity 2523

A friend  asked my to make a baby hat for someone she knows. She wanted the same kind of hat I made for my cousins  baby. Here is the pattern.

And the fabric she picked, Dinosaur Walk - All Over, by Sugar and Spice Textiles.

Cut out fabric.

I highly recommend  a sewing  ham for this pattern,  as it will help you make short work of ironing the seams flat.

Fabric part of the hat finished.  This is were the pattern  finishes, you hem and neaten it up and all done but I will be adding fur to the other side.

Here is the fake fur leftover from an other project that I am using for the other  side. I cut out each piece separately and luckily I didn't have to worry about which  way the pile went. As you can see chalk was used for  markings to help with construction. 

Fax fur inside finished.

Finished hat with clear button.

And as always my label, sorry it's blurry.

Thank you for  popping  over for a look and a read.
Hope to see you here again and happy making. 

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