Thursday, January 16, 2014


For a short week I had the use of a deep fryer. There were so many thinks I wanted to cook but this was the most popular with my family. Churros are like a long form of doughnut covered in cinnamon sugar and are best eaten once cooled but while still crisp.

You can see to the side I used my cookie press to make mine.

I was helped out by my children. It was very easy to make, lovely to eat and smelled great.

I got the idea to make these from a YouTube channel a friend of ours does the voice over for.

If you watch it I hope you enjoy it as much was we did.

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  1. I just made churros the other day (my 2nd time). The house smelled great for days - the combination of the cooking oil, sugar and cinnamon. I tried using the press thing but my not so good quality one popped off! I'm going to look at your recipe as mine was less successful the 2nd time so that ones of the list. They were still good but not great.