Sunday, September 22, 2013

Simplicity 2172 - Part 1

I am making this for a friend of mine. She is very much into Steampunk, you can following the link for more info, or Pinterest. Often she has issues getting just what she wants and the fits often bad. We are not alike in body shape and saw it as a challenge to make her something that fitted well.

So picking the right patterned turned out easy. Simplicity 2172.
Nest step was making a toile, I didn't add the arms as my main worry was her bust and this worked out fine.

As this is steampunk and we were going for a bit of different look, not nice and clean, there is four different fabrics, some Fax fur and other bits like leather. She was very happy with this first effort and loved the way the back flared out as she walked.

Here is the main outside panels stitched together.

Red ribbon for back loops.

Red satin pockets.

I will be lining the inside with red satin, or the like, and trimming the cuffs and collar with Fax fur, so please hold on while I work on the next steps.

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