Saturday, September 28, 2013

New Look 6334 - Night gown

Friday night arrived and everyone in my family was doing something but me. I wondered around the house for a bit but had the itch to do something, I just wasn't sure what. Looking at my stash I wondered if there was something I could make. With summer or the wet season (it will be getting very HOT soon) I thought maybe I could make the children some new PJ's. The first pattern to come to hand was this on and the fabric was easy to spot too.

I made view C for Miss Little some time ago, so I tried view A this time.
This is a soft pink cotton that has a lovely feel to it and Miss Little liked it too.

Finished front.

Finished back.

Instead of self facing I used bias tape for the neck and arm holes. Back is closed with hook and eye hand sewen in last.

Arm hole.

Were the top and bottom join I sewed bias tape to the inside seam and then folded up and stitched. I did this to reduce discomfort from the gathered seam when laying down.

This is the inside back.

Outside back. I did not add the other details, like the ribbon, but Miss Little didn't mind.

In the end I was able to make two new night gowns for Miss Little and successfully reduced my stash.

I would be happy to swap this pattern should anyone be interested. It is a children's size 3 - 8, with full pattern, some unused.

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