Monday, September 16, 2013

Chocolate and Orange Checkerboard Cake

Over a month ago it was Miss Little's birthday. I am one of those mothers that no matter what I must make the cake. The only times I have not I have been in hospital or very, very unwell.
This year I wanted to push myself a bit and try something different.

The children and I had been watching The Great Australian Bake Off and fell in love with some of there cakes. Miss Little picked the Chocolate and Orange Checkerboard Cake and I thought "Why not!".

So here is Miss Little with her cake.

And a look at the inside.

I had no idea if the cake would be a true success until it was cut. And I was very pleased with myself as it worked perfectly. While it's a time consuming cake I will be making it again. I have even been asked to make it for others, as everyone loved it so much there was almost no leftovers.

Note- the flowers on top were store brought as I am still working on mastering the art of piping icing.

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