Sunday, August 25, 2013

New Look 6695

Among my stash is this lovely two sided fabric that I have no idea were it came from. Black and white, soft and silky but not silk. The fabric was about 150 cm x 120 cm, and I had only a few ideas of what I could use it for.

My mother commented that she really liked it and after much fussing I thought I might be able to sew some thing for her but I couldn't find a pattern she liked that would fit the small amount of fabric I had.

In the end I found New Look 6695 would fit. This is a great beginner pattern and comes in many sizes.

 I used view A but without any of the details to best show off the fabric. Atomic Dad commented the white side would be better then the black for Miss Little so that's how I sewed it.

Here you can see the the inside.

And if you have never done machine stitched button hole this is a good place to start, as the placement dose not have to be perfect. You can use your scrap fabric to practice on first.

I needed two buttons, this is what Miss Little pick from my button stash.

Finished dress front.

It looked like it was missing something but I wasn't sure. Atomic Dad thought it should have been a bit more fitted. So I added a contrasting belt.

The buckle also came from the stash. I pulled the fabric to gather at the back of the dress to give a more fitted look.

Finished front with belt.

And the finale touch.

Simple, easy dress. And best of all Miss Little likes it, so it stance a chance of getting worn.