Monday, August 12, 2013

Getting Crafty with Miss Little

It's been a while and this weekend is the first in a long while that my family and I have had the chance to do nothing. It's so nice not to be rushing about, just floating along.

Well Miss Little wanted to do something but really didn't know what. She loves doing craft but has no direction. So with this in mind I picked up  Papercrafter and we got creative.

I have never really brought craft magazines, other then sewing ones, and I am very pleased with this one.
We decided on a little basket weaving since Miss Little said she knew how to weave. The aim for this was to have something to hold her pens and pencils at her desk.

The basket looks great and hides the fits of "It's too hard." very well. She was very proud of herself and I think she realised but because it looks easy or you think you know how to do it does always mean it's true.

After that she made a birthday card for a family member for next weekend.

And since I was blogging her creativeness I thought I should show off this simple sewing kit she did last school holidays. The top is a pin cushion and the bottom is empty for bits.

I am very proud of her, and told her so. My contribution was to explain the instructions and do some ruling of lines for cutting. The rest Miss Little did on her own.

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