Monday, May 27, 2013

To Russia with Love

Between Atomic Dad and I we have quite a bit of family overseas.
Among the expected places like England, USA, etc, is Russia.
My cousin moved there for work late last year. He is about to have his first child.

My Aunty is going to visit after the baby is born and things have calmed down. She has asked me to make something but I didn't know what. Someone else is already making a quilt and I don't knit, yet. It has to be travel friendly and not too big.

Well I came up with this! What do you think?

I really wanted to give them something different and is unequilly Australian. You don't think I've gone too far by using Kangaroo fur, it is very warm.

I picked Simplicity 2523, view F. Cotton on the outside and lined with fur.
Here is the cotton pattern cut out.

Stitching the crown together, it really helped to have an ironing ham.

Cotton crown done.

Cutting out the fur was a bit harder.

Sewing the fur crown together, I used a leather needle from here on.

Fur crown done. Here you can see were I have sewed the seams down. 
This help keep the crown flat and is almost unseen on the fur side.

Cutting the fur bottom flap, the rounded end was not so round.
The use of a bulldog clip helped to keep the fold flat.

Basting it all together, I basted every were to hold it all together.

Bottom flap stitched together. Since sewing wrong side together and turning out would not work well with leather / fur I used and simple bias trim to edge the pattern.

Here you can see I've basted the crown and bottom together.
I did this many times and unpicked a lot till I got the leather and fabric to sit right.

I added bias tape to the join on the outside but it was hard work.
Here is one of the many areas I ended up unpicking.

Some of the better areas. I broke two (2) leather needles sewing just this area.
While it's not the best work I've ever done it was the most different to date.

Finished hat from the front. Well almost finished, I don't like the velcro dots the pattern asks for so I'm looking for ideas to keep the ends together. But other wise it's Finished.

Back view.

Front with flaps up.

Inside of hat with my label hand sewn in.

I do have an other skin and was thinking of making a smaller hat. This was a size L, to fit an 18 month old but it fits my five (5) year old. However I'm not too sure, you should have seen the mess of fur when I was making this and itchy.

Hope you like my first hat! Happy sewing.

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