Thursday, May 2, 2013

Home Made - Tomato Paste

About a week or two ago I walked passed the warehouse next to ours and saw tomato's heading for the bin. Part of me said "No don't ask." but then the waste not want not part of me had to stop and ask. I walked away with about 4kg for free and a very strange look from the man.

I've made tomato paste in the past but I have never had this many tomato's before and the last batch I made didn't bottle very well. This is how it all went this time.

The mess I made.

Tomato paste

Tomato pulp.

I didn't see the point in doing a "how to" due to the fact there are already lots of them on the net and in any good bottling book. I have just used a basic recipe and added basil and garlic.

Enjoy your cooking!

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  1. Looks AWESOME! Must get around to trying this too x