Thursday, May 9, 2013

Door Drafts

Atomic Dad has made a number of comments about his cold feet when he sits at his desk, so I thought I would make him a snake.

There are plenty of ideas and "how to's" on the web but this is how I made mine.
Pick your fabric, this is a bit of vintage fabric that I've cut in half and sewen together so it's longer then the door it will go across.

I also picked out some ribbon and buttons to make the face.

Fold fabric in half length ways and round off one end, this will be the head.

I used my overlocker to stitch the fabric together inside out but straight stitch would work as well. I would do two rows if you are really going to stuff your snake.

Once you've turned the snake to right side out stitch on the face.

For filling I used an old stoking and filled with rice to give weight.

I then rolled this in some spare quilt filling to give it more body.

Once the snake is stuffed I folded the end over and stitched it closed. I left a loop of fabric at the end for a handle but you could end it to a point like a real snake or just square it off.

And I added my label too.

The finished snake!

I hope the weather is better were every you are!

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