Thursday, April 4, 2013

Have a Go!

Well I've started teaching myself to crochet. Other then all the great free online resources I picked up this book/magazine, "The Complete Guide to Crochet" from Inside Crochet. What sparked this new craft? I grew up having cardigans handmade for me by my grandparents and am a little sad this wont be the case for my children, so to solve it I decided I would make them.

I feel in love with two patterns inside, one a cardigan for a girl and the other a pull-over in two styles for a boy. Add to that all the beginner projects I thought it would be a good buy. It has been so far.

My first go was not to bad as far a tension goes but I think I've forgotten how to count. It was meant to be a square.

Second go, I ended up with extras, so it's a bit curved. Now it's a book mark.

I had a few more goes at trying to make a square but pulled them all out as they didn't work.
So I thought I would try something different.
My first doily turned into a flower by the third row. I think this was a mix of both bad counting and poor tension.

The second doily was a lot better, it almost sits flat.

For now I will keep trying to crochet a square as I really needed to learn to count stitches a lot better. At least I can just pull it a part if it doesn't work, unlike sewing were unpicking would take forever sometimes.

Here's to trying new things! Hope your all having fun too.

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