Friday, March 29, 2013

Vogue 8811

A few weeks ago saw a heavy focus on paperwork and school for me.
So when I got the chance to drive up and visit my in-laws I jumped at it. Not only do I get along well with them, it's also as close as I get to a holiday most of the time. I always go with sewing machine and normally come home with a fare bit done.

I got V8811 done, view B.

Fabric used is When Dreams Flower in green.

Due to Atomic Dad being away and taking the camera with him there are no construction photos. Truth be told you really don't need them it's a straight forward dress.
 Finished dress front.


V8811 would be a good dress for a beginner. As I made it knowing I would be wearing it mostly around the house I didn't add the inner belt but other then that there are no changes.

After having wore it a fare bit already, it's a cool dress, great for our hot weather. I will be taking up the hem to about the knee and machine stitching the facings down around the arm holes.

Happy sewing every one!

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