Monday, February 25, 2013

Sunday Sewing

This has to be the first day I've really had to get into my sewing. There is soooo much I would like to get finished and just as much I would like to start but I promised myself and Atomic Dad I would have some self control this year and finish all the unfinished bits.

So what did I sew today?
Well as it turns out not a lot. I spent most of the day baby sitting at short notice. Poor child hated the sound of my sewing machine.

I did however hem some fabric for a friend how plan's to use the 1m x 1m bits for children's table cloths.

As well as doing some work on Miss 8's scrap quilt.
Here is were it all starts.

I've been cutting some up into 2in strips and sewing them together.

One patch I've done so far. I started this before Christmas and have slowly been working on bits of it.

Here's to a new week and hopefully a great start to it.

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