Friday, February 22, 2013

Jobs Around the House

My aim is to do at least one small job around the house each week.
So this week I started with door stops, or at least the ones I could do.

The old door catches were so old and painted over so many times I think they may have been there from the day the house was built, but they had to go.

However as you can see they are no good any more. 
Some screws had to be drilled out as they had rusted so badly.

My father-in-law showed me how to put this plastic door stops in, they are easy when drilling into wood.
I found it harder when it came to concrete, Atomic Dad steps into lead a hand.
So far I have done the upstairs bedrooms and the toilet.

And here is my sewing area at the moment. 
It's currently being invaded by family ironing and children's toys.

Well here's to getting those odd jobs done, hope your week was eventful.

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