Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Moving House and Stuff

Well the camera is not working and now I can't even remember were I packed it, so once again no photo's.

I spent most of last week moving house. Since we only moved up the road we did the move our self's. I never want to do that again. Not only was it stressful moving with three children underfoot, the wet season started. Atomic Dad moved all the big heavy stuff but I was doing more as he was also still working and one stuff member down. Oh well it's all done now, besides I have a lovely new/old home to be thankful for.

Today saw the start of school for our children. But it hasn't made life easier yet. Master Little 4 started Prep (pre-grade 1) and was not happy that it was only a part day. He has a few more part days before full days kick in and then they still finish earlier then the rest of the school. Sometimes I feel like the school run is such a lot of wasted time. Just another part of life to plan. At least all the children are at the same school and it's not far. I hope be riding ours bikes come term 2.

That's me so far. Not much to talk about but boxes and books. Hopeful I can get some photo's of the new house soon. I have already got plans running around my mind. I might even find some time to sew.


  1. It's really okay if there are no photos now, I'm pretty sure you'll find your camera soon enough. Congratulations on your move by the way. I hope you guys are settled in all right.

  2. Congratulations Atomic! Wow, It is so hard to move with 3 children. I had to move last year with two of them. ;)

  3. Sounds like you made some heroic efforts! Following my last house move, I put together a checklist to help others, I hope it might be useful to other people thinking of moving soon:


  4. That's great that you decided to move without taking any external help but I think if you have a lot of stuff, finding a good removalist could help. But congrats on the move and hope you are able to locate your camera and get some pictures up of the new house soon:)

  5. Thank you for the well wishes and all. Should be posting some pics soon.