Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Singer Treadle

A few weeks ago Atomic Dad sent me to my parents home, I was told there was something hiding there for me. My father wouldn't let me see till he had called Atomic Dad to OK I was allowed to have IT!

Well this is what I found.

All closed up.

A close up of it.

I am just so happy and best of all it works too.
At this stage there isn't much to say other then how happy I am to have a working treadle.
Yes, I have played with it a bit but just getting use to using the peddle more then anything.

Well I'm off to look for more websites about how to care for it. Think I'll need to name it say too.


  1. Good Evening Atomic Mum,
    if you like clink on the link below to find some sites that may be of help.

  2. If you wish to date your machine the link below can help

    also i have just found this site as i search for old embroidery books

    you can download the book for free.

  3. Thank you so much Sew Vala, there are a great help.