Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Purple Apron - V8643

A few weeks ago I had a Purple Tea Party, only to realise I didn't own anything purple. After going through my unused patterns and thinking about how much time I really had, I decided on an apron. Sorry it's sideways.

With sewing machine and sewing case in hand I spent one morning in my favorite sewing shop. Helen, the lovely lady who owns the shop, is used to me turning up and sewing up a new outfit in a flash. I grab what ever I need as I go, fabric, buttons, thread, etc, and Helen adds it all up at the end. This has worked really well as I have found that I spend less and have someone on hand to help should I need it. Besides I just love being surrounded in fabric bolts and someone lovely to talk to.

This is the purple fabric and lace trim I used.

Lined pockets that are so big you could lose things in them.

Ties for keeping it on.

 Apron based, wrong side.

Back View.

Apron stitched and the facing being stitched down.

Front view before the lace and pockets are added.

And the finished apron. This was very easy to do, I didn't add the second row of lace as I felt it would be a bit much for my taste.

I would like to make the rest of the apron's in this patten set. It was a great patten and easy to make.


  1. I do not usualy like pockets but those hugh pockets are great.

  2. I love pockets on aprons. All the bits I collect when tidying the house fit in there till I come across there home again, and you wont believe the amount of pegs I can fit in them.