Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Look Inside - Practical Householder July 1959

This is a very small snip it from 120 pages of adds, how-to's and all sorts of handyman tips and things to make. There are 26 pages from the cover to  first article alone, most of the adds are for hand tools and sheds.

I've picked just few to give you an idea and some colour. Enjoy.

Sheds anyone?

I grew up with something like this between our kitchen and dinning room.

Did you workout what the little boy is doing?


  1. The red and yellow and black kitchen-- what a statement! I love it! That and the Brickles-color-tiled floor were my favorites. Good magazine find!

  2. Opps! just seen that some of the scans are pside down, sorry.

    Thanks Lisa, it was a bit of a blind buy but a good one. I hope to talk Atomic Dad into one of the sheds.