Thursday, February 16, 2012

February Gardening

I'm a bit behind with these photo's, they were taken at the start of the month but I haven't had time till now to post them. At least I can give an update.

This is the watermelon bed, so far we have had 10 melons grow but only been able to eat three of them. Lost the others to bugs and weather. I still hope to get more off them yet.

 These are my tomato plants with lettuce growing in there shade. These however have been ripped out, they were covered in whitefly so have had to start again.

 My second lot of beetroot seedlings, were going strong until we had a few too many hot days and they died. I am going to try again. 

Second lot of corn, so far so good.

 One of our watermelons, photo taken by Master Little 3.

 The banana and paw paw trees growing strong, still a few months off food.

While I don't have a green thumb I am determined to try and get my garden to feed my family. Growing ones own food was very much apart of Australian life and still is for some people.

This week I plan to start a herb bed and hopefully get the back fence replaced.
We'll see if the weather holds out.

1 comment:

  1. The garden is looking good!
    WOW at the watermelon bed it looks to be thriving.

    My favorite thing that I grew this past summer was peppers. I think I will try a few different kinds this year and see how it goes.

    p.s. I wish we had Banana trees. lol