Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Vintage Vogue 1171 - Part 2

It may have taken me longer than I planned but it's finished and I'm happy to say I'm please with the effort.
I put a lot more hand sewing into this dress then I first planned and more then I have before but it was worth it. I will also be doing more of it from now on.

Do you think it looks like the dress pattern envelope? Apart from the length I do.

This is everything basted together, top to bottom. So far so good.

 Right side of dress, pleats match.
Left side of dress, pleats DON'T match.

Ripped out the basting and tryed again, this time with two lines of basting.

This is the underside of the collar, the self-facing that sits against the neck. I have hand stitched it.

On the inside of the waist I used bias to double as an inner belt and to seal away the edges of the fabric. I machine sewed it on the inside only and then hand stitched the edge that would show on the front.

Here I used the same bias to finish the hem. While I used the machine to sew the hem I was not totally happy with the finish, until I ironed it out.

With the waist finished I then added the buttons. I've already had lots of comments on them. Aren't they lovely.

All but the hem left to do now, oh and the belt.

I picked this buckle up secondhand, it worked well. This is also the first time I made the belt from the pattern, most vintage patterns have a belt made out of the same fabric for the dress.

 Finished front and back.

While I spent more time on this dress then I have on any other I am very happy with it. I have always skipped a step or changed a bit but never done more then I have to.  I guess I used this dress as stepping stone to improve and test my sewing skills. Now I know what I can do I need to find something harder to sew. Hmmmm maybe sewing for Atomic Dad, hes hard to please.


  1. WOW that dress is soooo lovely. You did an amazing job on it and I love the fabric color you chose. If you see me in any handmade by me dresses... it will be a square with a neck hole cut out of it. *lol*

  2. Fabulous! Love your finishing detail (that's always where I am tempted to skimp...) and the buttons are a perfect match - and the buttonholes are equally as perfect!

  3. Lovely color and I love the buttons. You did a fantastic job!

  4. I love all the detail work you did, the dress looks great!

  5. lovely dress is so elegant yet so confy am "green" with envy lol....

  6. Hi,
    saw your post on sew retro.
    Am so glad to see this actually and all the construction information. I've just ordered the same pattern myself and I was already really excited about making it, but having seen yours I really can't wait to have a go at it!
    It looks amazing, you've done a really good job! :-)

  7. A fantasic dress and in such a colour colour.