Sunday, November 13, 2011

Vintage Vogue 1171 - Part 1

I came across the same green as this pattern and knew I had to sew it. This is the first dress for my Summer/Wet season challenge and I really should of finished it a few weeks ago. None the less here it is so far.
First was the bound button holes, having never done them before it was well worth the effort. I photo copied and then traced the button pattern so there were no errors on my part. It worked really well and apart from and few not so perfect bits I am happy with how my first attempt went.
Before I turned it in the right way, I couldn't get my photo of the front to show on the blog clearly. Hope to get a good shot when I'm finished.
One to the arm holes, as few of my outfits have sleeves I feel very confident about how these turned out. Overedge stitch on the raw edges,as well stitching the seam allowance and understitch on the facing.

 Here you can just see were I hand stitched the facing on the inside. I used one thread to sew with and picked up two threads of the garment. As this dress will be for every day wear and the large collar will hide what we can see I am happy to leave it. Other wise I would pick only one thread of the garment.
Basting the collar and interfacing together, did some of this by hand. So much easier now.
A close up. Things to note, interfacing has been trimmed away on seam allowance to reduce bulkiness, no overcasting as the seams will be inside the collar all sewen up once finished.
Completed collar and neck interfacing sewen on to bodice. Did a fare amount of basting by hand to get this all to sit right. Still have to slip stitch the neck interfacing down.
You can also see in this shot that I still need to do some work on the darts, at the moment they have been hand basted into place to make it easier to rework them.

I have also started the skirt but there's not really much to show yet. I've just done the ground work, overcasting the edges and chalking up the dart and pleats, that kind of stuff. My aim is to finish this dress this week. I also have a UFO that I would like to at least do some work on before I start something new.

Until next time, happy sewing people.


  1. Looks great!!! Love that you are doing it in green!!

  2. That is a beautiful pattern and a gorgeous colour.

  3. Can't wait to see it finished, love the colour too

  4. I love the color, can't wait to see the dress when you're done. I've been meaning to trying a retro pattern but have been scared to try it, maybe, some day.

  5. Thank you lovely ladies, Jamie if you don't want to buy an OLD pattern for fear of missing bit, wrong fit, there are lots of NEW vintage patterns on the market. Vintage Vogue, Retro Butterick, Decades of style to name just a few.