Friday, November 4, 2011

Scrap Quilt

As many of you would know being a sew can come with some good and bad bit's. This quilt is about just that, the good, the bad and one very messy sewing area.

The Good - all that lovely fabric that you just can't get rid of. Have you ever heard yourself say or think "I'll just keep that" "It's too cute/pretty/ lovely/the feel to trow away." "I could use that later." and the rest of them. We keep all these bits, some far to small to really ever make anything out of on it's own. You collect a "stash" a pile of fabric that's everything you've been given or couldn't leave the store without.
The Bad - Well it's much the same as above really. The "stash" takes over and in my case I have Atomic Dad asking why my sewing in overflowing into his hobby.
The answer - a scrap quilt. Get a box, as big as you need, two if you need to. Put all your bits of fabric less then about 50cm / 2 feet into the box, these are bits that are too small to make any one thing out of. Set aside a day to sort and sew, this is great to do with a friend.
(this fabric is leftovers from a jelly roll I used)

(I had lots of long bits)
I'm one of those people that love rules. I just can't sew with out a pattern, even if I make that many changes it doesn't look like what it started as, I just wont do it. The same goes for quilts, a scrap quilt can be much like a crazy quilt and my mother is great at them.

Suffice to say she would cut and pin and hand me the bits and I would sew them together. Now Master Little 3 has a new quilt that he just loves, it has bits of his pants and shirts in it that make it even more his.

We have worked out that we can make another quilt too, this one more green in colour.
I really suggest giving this ago if you have never made a quilt as it's cheap, will help clear up some sewing room, easy to do (no right or wrong way) and best of all, you have a new quilt.


  1. The quilt is so cute, I love it.
    I started working on a scrappy quilt in the spring. But then the weather got to hot and stuff so I stopped. I will be resorting back to it soon.
    It is a Zero rule crazy quilt. I have never made a quilt so I have no clue how it will even turn out. LOL
    It could be lumpy or bumpy or weird.

  2. I started out as a quilter and now learning about making clothes. A few weeks ago I a began to make a lap quilt, I had forgot how quick they can be to make up. Yours' is lovely, and as it has his clothes in it makes it so much more personnel. Fab.

  3. Thanks Jen.
    VC - Just go for it, crazy quilts are great. Good luck with it.