Friday, November 11, 2011

My New Me!

Well kind of. Atomic Dad ordered my birthday gift on y birthday and this week it has arrived. The box says it's a Dressmaker Model, Atomic Dad say's it's a dummy, Atomic children think it looks like a headless lady (which is true), what every you call it it's mine. I would have loved a vintage dress form (that's what I call it) but since it was a gift I should be grateful for it, and I am.

I've already spent time matching my size to her and am about to use her. I have wanted one for so long.

When we pulled her out of the box it had this sticker name on it I'm not sure if we'll call her it but I leave it for now. *Big Claps* I have the biggest smile ever right now, I think I'll go do some sewing.

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. *Oh congrats she is rather lovely*
    And Happy belated Birthday.

  2. I also have a Diana dressform. After several fittings, she has now been named Betsy. Don't know why just suits her more. Have fun.