Sunday, October 16, 2011

In the Garden - October 2011

Well it's October and the sun is out in force. This time of year is often knowen as the build up, you can feel the change in the weather and the sun getting stronger, wet season is on the way. I say wet season becuse that's what it is, we can have endless rain for weeks. I've never really had this big a vegy garden before so we'll see how I go this year.

In the past if my plants look like there getting to much rain I pull them in under the carport but then they were in pots so it was easyer. We have raised beds so this should help with drainage but who knows.

On the up side our second lot of bananas have started and the pinapple is starting to look more like a pineapple and less like a spiky flower. The strawberries are going strong but this is as close as I get, the children eat them as soon as they can.

While the potatos, radishes and silverbeet are all going strong, I've added watermelons to the end of the first bed as well. In the second bed I've planted corn, beans and lettec. The corn has already started to shoot, so here's to praying the rest do as well.
November look to be a good month and I hope so. Heres to good rains and lovely sunshine.


  1. *OH that pineapple looks delicious* That is surely something you would NEVER find growing around here. If we could grow them I would want a bunch, I love eating pineapples.

    Everything else looks like it is coming along great too.

    Our garden is pretty much done and over, the only thing left in it is some carrots that need to be pulled.

  2. I hope your next lot of plantings go well VC.
    It's started raining so hard I think I've lost all my lettec seeds. Oh well.