Monday, October 10, 2011

Costume M4490

I was going to post this last week but I've been a bit behind on things around the home and only now have gotten the chance to sit still. This is part two of my costume I wore to GamesDay Australia, part work, part play. See part 1 here.

So here is the dress, I've used view D with a few changers.

I've used a very light muslim in white to help with ghostly effect I was after, worked very well. However laying out the pattern almost did my head in and I ended up just cutting as I need. I just didn't have the space to lay it all out and cut in one go.
Dress all sewen up and ready for first fitting. I went with size 14, but I am a size 12 on the pattern, as there was very little room between sizes and I wanted extra room. I also knew I could take the dress in if needed.

The back was meant to be laced up but I put a zipper in. This was not hard, removed the need for one pattern peace and one step. You could leave it in for a more historically correct outfit but I did it.
Sleeve's added.
This dress had gussets much like the last dress I sewed with them (VV1043) but at least I knew what to do this time.

Finished outfit, I also have an underskirt to post about but that can wait for now.
This is me at Games Day, it was so much fun.
I hope you all had as much fun as I did on the week end.


  1. Nice job! I really like it!

  2. Gussets are wierd the first time you have a go at them...but then they begin to make sense! Love the look!

  3. Thank you everyone. I know what you mean VHC, it was worth the effort learning them.

  4. Such a lovely dress. and what a fab event to wear it to.

  5. That turned out nicely - the cincher vest is a great addition.

    So glad to have found you and this pattern in action.
    I'm currently making this in a 14 with alterations (daughter is a 12). Did you have an issue with the gussets? Do they need a hand baste first before machine sewing? I figured out their placement but any advice you can impart will be great. Thank you!

  6. Hi Red Hare, the gussets were a bit fiddly but not too bad, having done the same style before. I would hand baste first and don't worry if the gusset ends up needing to be cut down, as this happened to me.

    The main thing about the gussets is to make sure she can move her arms about without pulling the basting free. If the basting is fine then sew away. Good Luck!