Monday, September 12, 2011

Summer/Wet Season Patterns

After going through all my ideas with Atomic Dad and talking sewing till he wanted to go to sleep last week I put it to one side to think on patterns. I went through all my boxes looking for what I had that would work in with my ideas and what I would like to sew and wear. Trust me there are things I have sewen for the sake of sewing and never worn, I really don't want to do that again.
I layed out all my pattern ideas on the kitchen table after dinner and got Atomic Dad to help pick what he like. I swear he knows me better then I know myself.
So here is what I hope to be sewing over the next two months.
Well I do need to keep dry so I might as well do it in style.

I've made these pants before but I need more of them, and I might give the top ago.

I plan to use some fab fabric to make a dress from this apron.

I won't be making the vest/ top for this pattern but love the dress.

Would like to make B (the yellow one, bottom, middle). It will be great for the sunny, windy days.

Hope to sew E, I love aprons with pockets. I fill them with all sorts of thinks.
I just love this simple dress.

I plan to make one outfit every two weeks. This will give me time that I need so much but if I can I will try a make them faster. Better to give myself more time then less.

Happy Sewing Lovely People.

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  1. I too have the first pattern, I plan to make mine as a coatdress, but no imediate plans for sewing it just yet.