Saturday, September 17, 2011

Butterick 4669

This is not a vintage pattern, nor an outfit I would normally make but it is part of a costume I am wearing to Games Day Australia. I have not taken a photo of the model I painted yet but she is a Tomb Banshee, and I very much wanted to go dressed up and just love this model.

This pattern is from Butterick's Making History range. I have made B and used a satin (fake snake skin pattern) and lined with cotton.

Laying out the pattern wasn't hard at all. I did not make my own bias but the pattern allows for this should you wish to. A great idea if your using different colours or fabrics.

Front and back have been sewen and basted together. Lots of basting in the pattern.

Checking the fit before I start adding the bias.

Bias started on one side. Fits well so far.

Bias done on one arm hole and down back, never done this before but love the idea.

Here you can see were I sewed the bias flat down the back. This means there are no raw edges any were, inside or out. The finish is so easy to do and looks great.

Arm holes and back finished.

Trying to get the fabric and lining of the peplum (little skirt) to match up. More basting, before adding bias around the whole edge.

Trying to get top and bottom to match.

Almost finished. All stitching is done. This is the outside of the pattern.

And here you can see the inside. I love the neat finish I was able to get.

Added eyelets and laced up, not happy with how this looks at all. It feels great but does not look too good. The eyelets wanted to cut thought the fabric or the fabric was too weak for the eyelets, either way they needed to be fixed.

Since I want the look of the rope tie holding the top together I put hook and eyes on the inside. These came from my stash of sewing bits, if I was making this to wear more often I would have used black ones but you can't tell once I finished anyway.

I'm very happy with how this turned out in the end. Finale photos will be in a few weeks once I get all dressed up and have a fun filled day of hobby.

This was a very easy pattern to do. If you have been thinking of doing it or are looking for something different, go for it! Style A could be a very modern vest made with the right fabric.

Happy sewing everyone.


  1. If you added some boning to the front it would probably help with the gapping and the bunching. If there is already feather boning in there (I can't tell from the photos) you might want to find something more rigid, feather boning has a tendency to twist and bend in odd ways.