Sunday, September 25, 2011

1920-30's Slip

This slip is from Amy Barickman's Vintage Notions, in each month of the book there is a magic pattern. We were invited to a Broads and Gangsters birthday party a few weeks ago and I needed to find something to wear. At first I hunted around at the op shops etc but couldn't find anything. I didn't want to wear a black shimmy dress as I knew most likely everyone else would be, as it turns out I was right.

After a bit of a whinge Atomic Dad asked why I wasn't just making something, truth be told I had thought of it but couldn't think of any patterns I had from the era. Then I remembered the magic patterns and started flipping through the book looking for something. This is what I made.

While it looks like I'm wearing a lovely green dress, I am in fact wearing a slip cut on the bias. I used green satin in the hope it would look more like a lovely dress then a slip and I think it worked.

I had to draw and cut my pattern myself, a first for me, but it wasn't that hard. I did cut it out one peacie at a time tho and was glad I did, being cut on the bias meant each pattern was layed out differently so now fold in half and cut two. Was well worth the work.

Bottom of dress with front sewen in, not as easy as I thought.

Three corners together.

Five corners together, lots of basting. This drove me up the wall, the only time I though satin was a bad chose, it's so slippery.

And me in the finished dress, opps, slip.

It was very easy to make and feels great. I got a few lovely comments and I didn't look like anyone eles there. All said an done it was a great night.


  1. SMILE!!!!! Oh, and you look fab xx

  2. This is awesome! You look fabulous in your dress, slip and I'm sure you aroused much admiration in the party. Great!

  3. I have that book too and I love it! The slip looks great!