Monday, August 22, 2011

A Look Inside - AHJ July 1957

I thought a bit of winter was called for, since it's still cold outside and the sun is shinning. It's like when it rain and your still so hot you think your going to boil. Our weather is in a class of it's own some times.

Enjoy the look see. Sorry this one is a bit worse for wear.

If anyone every finds one of these please tell me, please, oh please.

Don't you just love the flannel! And standing behind a homemade BBQ too, you just don't see it anymore.

Till next time, enjoy your day and may vintage come your way.


  1. Love these scans. Oh how life has changed from these times. Although I don't know if I could wear heels everyday. Great post!

  2. Loving the yellow frock on the cover. I may have to track down that issue to get the pattern.