Friday, August 5, 2011

In the Garden

The vegy garden was a common part of life in more vintage times. Our families were asked to grown there own food to help with the war effort and this continued for some time after the war. I have also see a number of garden layouts and plans in many of my book and magazines. A must have for everyone was the lemon tree, this we put in the first year we moved into our home. Since sewing has all but stopped I have been putting my extra energy into our garden (and my new part-time job, more on that later).

We have put the vegy bed's in the front yard for the best weather. So far I've planted out radish, silverbeet and potato's and here you can see we already have sprouting. The children are so excited.
About a year ago I planted two types of passion fruit and while we have had fruit on the vines for sometime, only now are they almost ready to eat.

 We have moved the banana suckers (baby trees) to the front yard but this big one has got fruit and we are waiting for them to go yellow.
I also have lost of others bits going on around the yard, like the compost bins and loads of herbs but right now it's raining, so maybe a day inside today. Does anyone else grow food plants? I love to hear and read how others have gone. I am no green thumb, that's for sure.

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