Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Look 6018

I've wanted to do this pattern for awhile and Miss Little 6 would really love a new dress. Since it's winter in Australia and it's her birthday soon what better time then now to do it. The pattern it's self is a current one and yes I did buy it new, as long as she get good wear out of it I think it's worth it. If the images aren't any good, the fabric is a lovey pastel pink linen.

Oh this fabric is a very old bed sheet given to Miss Little by her Nanny, something she had in the cardboard from her girls. Since it has a big rip in it now I wanted to keep it but never knew what I would do with it, well now I do. I'm going to use it as the lining and interfacing for the dress and jacket, it will be soft against the skin and I think it will add that personal touch to make it that much more lovely.

Today I did all the prep work. Washed and ironed fabric, read instructions while waiting (I often do this a few times), ironed and prepared pattern. After dinner I did all the cutting, fabric, lining and some stiff interfacing. It's now all layed out on the spare bed for the next step.

The dress.

The jacket.

Hope your week has been going well, mine has been great!

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