Sunday, June 19, 2011

Vintage Vogue 1043

I've had this pattern for a bit but just wasn't sure what fabric to use, so dug something our and put it together.

Back of pattern reads - Below mid-calf dress has fitted surplice bodice with stitched tucks and short kimono sleeves, left side zipper closure, underarm gussets and inside belt. Contour belt has buckle without prong.

While I'm a size 10 - 12 when retail shopping (not that I do that any more) I was a perfect size 14 on this pattern and found the fit lovely.
If you've never done a gusset before you may need some help with this pattern, as the gussets are not straight forward and may need trimming. This inside belt was a new one for me and even tho I thing you could get away without it, it was good to try.
Here you can see the pleats for the front once they have been based and pressed. These were very easy to do and I found the pattern spot on.

 Me getting the fit and the waist, just prior to trying to get the gussets in.

 You can't even see were the gusset is meant to go, it was too big for the size I was sewing.

See, look at the shocking basting. I pulled this out a tryed again. I ended up cutting almost an 1" off one side to get it to fit flat. Looks great now.

Top half finished, fits well. Still have it based closed were the zipper will go.

Skirt on the ironing board, I spend a lot of time here when sewing. Sometime I iron as much as I sew.

Getting the fit right before I baste and sew it all together.

 All finished. Apart from some of the dots not lining up right I am really happy with this dress. It went together very smoothly and fits lovely.

 Not sure why but the back was done in two, tho there didn't seem to be any need for this. If I sewed this again I would take out the seam allowance and place on fold next time.

Well, that's me and an other dress done. I look forward to some warmer weather to wear this in, or maybe I need to sew a coat or jacket to match.


  1. Really lovely! Great fit and I love the pattern!

  2. Love this I have been coveting that fabric forever!

  3. It is gorgeous! You did a superb job!! I love the design too.

  4. I have this pattern and am now tempted to try it

  5. I ripped that pattern in a million pieces during a gusset-related tantrum. I couldn't for the life of me figure out how that gigantic piece fit where it was supposed to.

    Your version looks amazing!

  6. Thank you for all your lovely comments.

    Amy- don't worry too much I got help, I really wanted to cut the gusset down but wanted someone else to agree with me before I did so. I also started from the outside and did one side first, got that flat then did the other side cut it down as I went.

    Stevie- If your still thinking of this fabric don't think any more, it feels so good. I am soooo glad I used it. Just watch the pattern on the fabric and try to avoid my error.