Monday, June 27, 2011

A Look Inside - Complete Household Guide

Australian Women's Complete Household Guide, Illustrated, The Sunday Sun, Sydney (no date).

This is more of a DIY mixed with a "You Should Know" book and in many ways not a lot has changed. I have been reading parts here and there, as they take my interest. It's a lovely well written book and would be of as much help today as it would of been when it was first printed.

I can only guess that dew to the plain cover it original came with a colourful dust cover but alas I might never know. Oh well the inside more then makes up for the loss.

Cloth nappkins are a lovely touch. We have a few and people are often shooked. Why I don't know.

And just incase you can't read the contents list - When would you build, Home repairs, The garden, Child care, Careers for the Adolescent, Cookery, Home entertainment, The art of letter writing (lost of some people today, such a shame), Dressmaking, Handcrafts and hobbies, Pets, Culture, Health, Legal.

I just love some of the ideas here, and the colour.

There are a few great floor plans through the book, great for if we ever get to build.

Now if only I could do that, it just never works for me.

There is lots more black and white images and step-by-step bits that I haven't put in but you get the idea.
Hope your all having a good week.


  1. Oh I'm drooling, how fabulous !

  2. How beautiful! Thanks for letting us enjoy this wonderful share!