Thursday, April 7, 2011

What is House Proud?

A month or so ago I was I know that I wasn't very house proud, it was said in passing but I do tend to take this to heart and dwell on them. A week after that and much thinking I went and ask my mother what house proud meant to her. We have decided that it is a mix of being both clean and tidy, and of being organized. (trust me these do not come hand in hand for everyone).

I am more organized then clean and the person who made the comment is far more clean then organized. However there are things in my life that I would rather be doing then cleaning all the time, like playing with my children or sewing. I have a few hobbies that take over a bit and so do the children.

Really running a household is a full-time job and more so the more people that live there, but I know I forgo doing things, like doing the floors every day or sometime the folding, to do things I would like to do, like sewing or reading. I have a Must Do List but I suspect that this Must Do List is bigger or smaller depending on how much importance one puts on them.

So really being clean is not at the top of my list, having a clean kitchen before I go to bed is but I can live out a magazine worth house, it just wouldn't feel like home without a bit of messy from the children.

There are some great post's around the net about cleaning but I not sure how much is house proud, I still don't think a truly clean house is the only thing it takes to be house proud and if I wrong then so be it.

Here are a few posts think are related to this topic,

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Now I'm sure there are more out there I just have missed or forgot about, but should you google house proud like me yo will most likely come across lots of cleaning services. LOL so I guess to most people being house proud is all about having a clean house.

How do you feel? What ratio of clean to organized are you? or what would you like to be? Really think about it, I was surprised when my mother said she didn't think I was that house proud either but that she understood why I was upset by the comment. I wonder how much of it is a generational think.


  1. I don't necessarily think that you have to have a perfectly clean house to be house proud. I think it is more about the feeling of your home, the atmosphere. A perfectly clean house can be cold and sterile while a house littered with kids toys and a full sink of dirty dishes with the smell of hot soup wafting around the kitchen can feel like pure love :)

  2. Well, I can feel my house is my home when it smells like freshly baked muffins and children flit through the kitchen, the blender full of sticky dough and all that is love ...

  3. It's funny how you both say smell is a big part of it. I love the smell of bees wax and honey.
    Oh and sweat, I think it triggers the image of good old fashion hard work in the hot sun(but I think thats better applied to my husband then my home).

    Thank you both for your comments.