Monday, April 4, 2011

Try to Get Sewing Again

Well my last few ideas haven't really helped much but at least I tryed them. However there is nothing like a deadline to get one moving. I have been asked to make some table covers (not table cloths) to go over some gaming tables. It is easy and so there should be nothing to stop me, I'm not even paying for it. And then there's a birthday gift I have to make for this month. Can't give away too much about that till after the birthday.
So I've started on both the above sewing bits and then got so far and found I was missing things to finish them. What else to do? I couldn't just pop down to the shop as they were all closed for the weekend.
In the end I cleaned up the hobby room, as you can see there is a fare amount of stuff, and cataloged my Australian Home Journals.  It was rather productive and I feel a lot better about getting back into sewing now.

Hope your week has started off well and goes on shining (somebody better be getting some sun as we still have clouds and rain).

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