Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Sewing - McCall's 3996, view C

This week my sewing picked up quite a bit. I have sewen two black gaming cloths, half way thought the mock up for Atomic Dad's Negroni 1014 shirt and started and finished McCall's 3996, view C.

First I would like to explain why this outfit and why this fabric? I went to an ASG (Australian Sewing Guild) meeting and ladies may take in scraps of fabric they don't want but are too big to throw and then someone else may take it and bring back what they have made for sow and tell. So the top half of this dress was some fabric I picked up. I just love the pattern and colour and knew right a way what I could do with it. The bottom half is a simple white linen I brought.

I am not going to go into detail about the construction of this dress as this is the fourth time I've used this pattern, while it may be the first time I've done view C they are all much the same. Blue dress - view A, Black & White - view B, and a green dress I seem to have forgotten to post about. As you can see I love this pattern.

I am pleased to say the top fits very well but less pleased with the fitted skirt, it pulls tight across the front thighs and lower bottom. While this did not happen in the fitting I can only guess I moved something between there and the sewing machine. There is little I can do as I can not let the seams out anymore. And don't worry the black belt will be replaced by a brown one when I find one, it just works better they the thin brown belt I have now.

The buttons come from my stash and in this case these buttons come from the stash that I got from my grandmother. They a more of a bronze colour and curve inwards.

Top of finished invisible zipper, and it only took one unpick to get it right.

Bottom of zipper, I am very please with how well this went in. This is the first time I can say I am pleased with my own zipper work.

And here is the only other issue I have with my finished dress and I am not sure what I can do about this now. I have to say that when I did the fitting I really didn't pay as much attion to this area, lazy me, and I only spotted it when I did the zipper up. Truth is I am too pleased with my zipper to unpick it and I figger I can hid it under a belt so only you and me know about it (sssshhhhh).

As aways I will let the dress hang for the next week and then I will take up the hem. I am thinking about knee height. I will add this to my day wear, a nice dress to go out in but not so classy for dinner.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

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