Friday, April 22, 2011

Sewing Place Mats

I picked this panel up in January and the moment I saw it I knew who would just love it. I don't think they read my blog but just in case I wont say any names.

This fabric is part of the Wine Counrty by Rosiland Solomon, I brought it from one of my local fabric shops and am so glad I found it. I will be making six (6) place mats as a gift to a family member and will be trying a few new sewing technique's at the same time.

Aren't the colours just lovely.
And the background fabric.
First and foremost as always is to wash, dry and iron the fabric. Once done I then cut out each panel and divide up the background fabric, add to this your filler. I have always been told to have a bit of each layer pocking out from under the last, you can see what I mean in this photo.

I'm off to finish sewing these together. I will be having a go at free hand quilting and then adding black bias binding to the edge. All sounds very easy, lets see.

Happy Easter everyone.


  1. Ooh, they make me hungry! lol I can't to see the finished place mats :)
    Ashley x

  2. Thanks Ashley. I stopped to go to work and am now having a drink before I start again. They make me feel like I should be watching sunsets, drinking wine and eating grapes.

  3. These are very pretty! I love all the colors in them.

  4. What wonderful scenery to whet your appetite at the table! I'm sure your family will appreciate the gift.