Tuesday, April 12, 2011

MBP Men's Shirt Sew-Along 3, 4, 5 & 6

Step 3.

1 & 2. Pockets - Well I skipped the pockets for my cotton mock up and I am comfortable with sewing pockets, having sewen smaller ones on my little boys shirts. I'm not sure Atomic Dad even wants pockets at this stage, will cross that bridge when we get there.

Step 4.

1 & 2. Sleeve plackets - Since I'm sewing the short sleeve view I wont be doing this step. However I think I might give this a go later, as it looks like a good technique to learn.

Step 5.

Interfacing collar - I have to admit I don't normally interface my little boys collars. This is for two reasons, 1. they get washed a lot so the interfacing doesn't always last as long as I would like and 2. there little boys, they really don't needed or want nice standing collars, a good iron with starch works for me.

I am interfacing the collar and front of Atomic Dad's shirt so here is how I went on my mock up. I have also done the interfacing for the shirt front. Sorry the photo's fuzzy.

1. Stay stitch the neckline, 2. Finish outside edge of facings, 3. Sew front facings to back yoke, 4. Measure and stitch pleat on shirt back, 5. Attach back and back yoke, 6. Attach front pieces at shoulder.

It sounds like a lot but it's not really. See, done.

I have sewen more then this but I'm off to workout my fuzzy photo's before I post some more. I must say tho this shirt is starting to look really easy to do, if I do say so myself.


  1. Men's shirts are almost automatic ... I mean they are not working all the pain of a woman's blouse with all the trimmings of curves, so they are quite "automatically". Looking forward to see this shirt on its owner.

  2. I know what you mean rosy but since I've never ever sewen for Atomic Dad before his a bit worred it will look too homemade for his liking. A shame since it doesn't bother anyone else in the house.

    You might get a headless shot of Atomic Dad I not sure if he'll let me put his full photo on the blog.