Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wroking Wordrobe - Step 1 - Patterns

Pattern has been selected. I played around with many ideas till I sat down and talked it out with Atomic Dad, he really does know me better then I do, and came to an agreement. I need a suit pattern as I don't have one, this one is from So Vintage Patterns and I just feel in love with it.

I only have enough tweed to make one Jacket or skirt and will base all the other fabric options on how well they match the tweed. While I started looking through my stash it was very easy to realise I just didn't have anything work worthy or that matched the tweed.

So while I look for suitable fabric I will get to work on something else. I also plan to do a draft in cotton of the Jacket before I make it, this will help me get a better fit without working the fabric too much. I should of done this with my green 60's dress, lesson learned.

Hope your all having/had a great week end.

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