Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thrifty 365: February Review

I lost the first week of this month, and most of the second, due to Cyclone Yasi. Boy was she a big one.

The "Do's" I did
Homemade bread (not photo's to prove it but it's true)
Went to 3 different thrift/secondhand store's, didn't buy anything but it was funny. One I wont be going back to as it wasn't my kind of store.
The "Do Not's" I did
Well I'd didn't do much  so this was easy and since I stayed away from fabric shop's I didn't buy anything I didn't need.

Other Bits
Brought new gym shoes, I put this in line with underwear, must only buy new.

Overall this month was a bit of a loss but while I didn't do lots of "do's" I also didn't do lots of "do not's". Well can't have every thing. Join in or learn about Thrify 365 here.

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