Thursday, March 3, 2011

Something Other then Sewing

I have not been myself for sometime and have been trying different things to give me a pick me up. One of those things is painting but not the sort you might think of first. Long ago when I saw more free with my time and well before children were any were near idea's in my mind I used to paint. Paint what you might ask? Well anything that I could. Then I came across a game called Warhammer and fell in love with the detailed art work. This game also happened to be a hobby of Atomic Dad's (no this is not how we meet) and not too surprising he was delighted that I wanted to paint his armies for him.

After many years of on again, off again painting, I have gone back to it for something else to do. This hobby is many produced by Games Workshop and one of the stores has opened in our town and has really go the creative vibe flowing again. I thought I would share some of what I have been up to, but I must worn you this is a WAR game and as such lends it's self to death and blood and lots on none G rated stuff, Oh and not retro at all. (well we do have some of the retro stuff from the good old days)

Now the photo's are not that great, borrowed camera, and they are so small they fit in your hand.
I know so far from retro and sewing it's not funny but I am hoping a change is as good as a holiday, as they say. I am currently painting a man for Atomic Dad that is for a painting comp this week end, I currently am hoping to place well, let alone win.

Hope your all having a good week and an even better week end.

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  1. I know what you speak, my son discovered these miniatures for years, the two spent many evenings painting the figures and then he would play games with His friends. Big time.