Thursday, February 10, 2011

What a Week!

Well it's been over a week since Cyclone Yasi hit home and I still feel like we are pulling our self's together. While we still have our homes and our family many did not fair so good and my best wishes and thoughts go out to them.

This is just a short post as I've just got the Internet back and to be truthful I am feeling very deflated with all the stress. I don't have any enthusiasm to do much of anything right now. Any ideas on how to pull yourself out of a rut? All ideas most welcomed and thank you as well.


  1. We have been the same. All the rain has interrupted our daily walks and we only got internet last night also.
    We found that small jobs and mini tasks make you feel better. Pick a task and just do it right to the end, even if it's a list of chores and you can tick them off. Maybe a game with the munchkins :-)You are doing a great job with your new cooking skills and overall do something nice for yourself as a reward for completing your task. Tobias' reward for his task today was getting out of grocery shopping and mine was dinner with the inlaws so no cooking, You'll be back to rights soon :-) xx

  2. Glad to hear that you are OK - it was scary looking from down here....