Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Room to Move

I've been a bit blank on the blog front and it truly reflects the lack of sewing in my life. In a hope to boost my mood Atomic Dad and I moved rooms around and now have a hobby/sewing room. If our camera was working I could show you photo's but that will have to come later.

Work still left unfinished, well there is a bit. I've got my MBP men's shirt sew-along cut out and waiting and I've almost finished my first month of my block of the month - Pie's and tarts. The second BOM for pie's and tarts has just arrived in the mail so I need to get a move on. Sewing repairs are growing, nothing new.

I've got Master 8 going on camp this week end and have to make a birthday gift that is way over due. Really I think I just need to sit down and sew, and once I've started I should be right. Oh and I still need a new camera, should add that to my to do list for tomorrow.

Hope your all having a good week and the sun is shining were you are.

1 comment:

  1. A sewing room of your own is great, Looking forward to seeing photo's. I am way behind on sewing too but we are getting house restoration done so I guess I can't have everything.