Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Sewing

Well I'm a bit behind and I didn't get much done. Between no camera still and lack of sewing drive it's no wonder I haven't done much or had much to post about.. What I have done -

Finished 1st month of Pies and tarts.

Did all the prep work to sew cupcake apron, it's on my to do list.

Tided and set up new sewing/hobby room.

With all this lack of nothing I am going to do some thing different to take my mind off sewing for a few days and see how that help. So I closed up the sewing desk and put away all my pattern and fabric. A must do for this week is to buy a new camera, there's nothing like a good photo to share with friends to perk one up.

Well we still have a lot of rain, so much so we haven't been able to mow our grass in weeks and I'm not sure when it will get done. So here's to hoping you are all having better weather then I and if not that you are making the most of what ever you've got.


  1. Ahh! The excitement of a new camera! How fun!
    Hope you see some sunshine soon!

  2. I hope you find yourself the perfect camera.
    Looking forward to new pics of what you have made.
    I recently got two wrap skirt patterns from e-bay. Just waiting for them to arrive. I am still a begginer sewer so I wanted to start with something a little easire. Plus I really like the look of wrap skirts. I just hope they turn out well. lol