Tuesday, February 15, 2011

MBP Men's Shirt Sew-Along 1 & 2

Step 1.

1.Familiarize myself with the pattern - I did this before the start of the month but read it again while waiting for Cyclone Yasi to leave. Good things is all written down so I look back at it as often as I need to.

2 & 3. Cut pattern pieces and trace individual pattern size - For the first time ever I cut the actual pattern out at the size I wanted and skipped the tracing part.

4.Prep pattern before cutting fabric - My pattern really needed a good iron before use.

Step 2.

1. Prep muslin for cutting - I used a inexpensive cotton and had washed and ironed it in January, so I just needed to lay it out.

2.Cut out pattern - I use both weights and pins but prefer scissors for cutting.

3. Cut interfacintg - I did this using the same interfacing I will be using for the finial shirt. I am putting interfacing on the front and collar of the shirt.

Sorry there are no photo's, our camera got a bit wet and is taking purple images. Does anyone know a good one to buy, will have to a have a look on the weekend.

Well that's were I sit with the sew-along so far. All the cut out bits are sitting at the end of the bed awaiting the next step. Since I am still mentally finding my feet and really want to get this pattern right for Atomic Dad I'm not going to rush this. Besides I still have some hand sewing of my Pies and Tarts Quilt to do.

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