Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Look Inside - AMJ February 1955

At first I couldn't find an Australian Home Journal for February and got a bit worried but then I came across this one. My next thought was why did I buy it, it in such bad shape but it still has it's patterns, so I will just have to find one in good shape. It's missing the back cover and as you can see the front is not very well off, I've got it in a plastic sleeve to keep it all together but I wont be reading it for fear of further damage.

Please enjoy what scans I could do as I don't think I will be opening it again. Shame as I like the look of the dresses and the short stories look like a good read too. Oh well.

I'm not sure how much sewing I'm going to get done with this impending cycolon heading our way but at least if the power goes out I've got my Pies and Tarts quilt to do. Wishing you all lots of sun shine.


  1. Fabulous fashion ! Hope you are safe form the cyclone.

  2. Thanks Jaede, it's going to be hugh.

  3. Thanks for sharing, I loved seeing this.