Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What I Sewed in 2010

As a bit of motivation for myself I've collected together all the outfits I sewed for myself and my family last year. My favorite would have to be the Black and White ANZAC dress. What is yours?


  1. Everything is fabulous, it's difficult to pick a favorite. I look forward to seeing this years projects.

  2. Holy heck!! I cannot believe how much you sewed!
    I really do like everything.. but the ones that just pop for me is (Green and white polka dot dress) (Red green and white dress) & I love the quilt.. also those little baby outfits are so cute. GAH!! seriously I just love it all. Good job

  3. All of them are FAB!! Not got a favorite cos you look pretty in it all :-)
    This years new resolution: SMILE in your pics lol!
    I've been to flat out to sew for a while :( study, work, eat, sleep, study, study, study! We will have to just do brekkie one Sunday!! x

  4. Thank you for the lovely comments I too am looking forward to sewing more this year.

    @LV, thanks but I'm afraid he has since growen out out the suits :(

  5. You made some great stuff over the past year! The little man's jammie set is killer. Dresses, quilts, kids' what nots...such range!! :)